Live, Laugh, Run.


*bob the builder voice* can we fix it? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS WE CAN BITCH YAAAAAAS

life is complete #mrincredible #rnd3 (at Raising Canes Chicken Fingers)
weekly roomie pic 💕👑 (at Bernies Bagels & Deli/The Distillery)
okay I am seriously in disbelief right now… not only did I just run 18 miles, but my average mile pace was 9:06?!?!?! skaisnslxkfnslwh words can not even describe how proud I am of myself! today I definitely learned never to underestimate the strength and power of my body, I’ve got this! #marathontraining #columbusmarathon (at Olentangy River Trail)

Bold & Brash S. Tentacles, 2001